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Starter SharePoint 2010 My Site Customization Projects
By: John Ross, Randy Drisgill, and Larry Riemann

Project Description
This project will help you get started with customizing, branding, and deploying My Sites for SharePoint 2010. This is an updated and enhanced version of the CKS: MySiteCreate project that was originally created for SharePoint 2007 by Steve Peschka. 

Here's a summary of the functionality:

  • Basic branding for the My Site that can be used as an example for your own customizations.
  • Visual Studio 2010 Source Code for deploying branding to your My Sites including FeatureStaple element to automatically apply branding when personal sites are provisioned.
  • Updated version of the code from CKS:MySiteCreate project to control the deployment of webparts via a custom server control in the masterpage.  This has been enhanced to also deploy based on user profile values.

NOTE: This project is intended to be a starting point for deploying customizations to My Sites with SharePoint 2010.  Additional testing and enhancements would likely be needed to support enterprise and larger scale deployment scenarios.



Starter SharePoint 2010 My Sites (Branding Only) -- This project shows only deploys branding
Starter SharePoint 2010 My Sites (Branding and Web Parts) -- Deploys branding and also includes a server control to deploy web parts.

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